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Andrea B.

I love doing OCR’s.  Before Big Muddy, I found events where my son could run the kids course, but never one we could run together.  To be able to share the challenge, and the triumph with him as a team was AWESOME and we can’t wait to do it again.

Kiersten H.

Like so many other parents, I put a lot of effort on balancing, limiting, and even supporting to an extent, my 12 - year-olds interest in video games.  He isn’t into athletics. He really has no desire to “make the team.”  And that’s ok with me, but I still work hard to share my own values around exercise and staying active.  So when I signed the two of us up for the Big Muddy Challenge, I didn’t know what to expect.  By the time we crossed the finish line, muddy and all smiles, I knew it was more than I could have imagined.  My son told me it was the most fun he’s had in a long time.  No screens.  No controllers.  No high score.  Just honest exercise in a fun, supportive, and safe environment.  And the very best part for this single mom was that we could do it together.  BMC is the ideal event for families of all types and fitness levels.  We will definitely do it again.

Cheryl H.

The BMC was a great time!  What a wonderful way for us Moms to bond with our kids!  Thanks for the GREAT day!  

Scott F.

BMC was one of our top family memories of the year.  It was great to see the kids working together and cheering each other on.  We’ll be back!

Dani O.

The Mud Bugs: Thank you for the best family friendly event that safely allows all age groups the opportunity to get a little dirty and laugh a whole bunch! We love playing together AND the 5K mud run, walk, climb, slide, hop, swim, drop, plop was awesome!

Heather W.

Thank you for an awesome race day last year!  One of my favorite memories of the summer!  It was so nice to be a part of an event that the whole family could enjoy and complete together.  Can't wait to slide, leap frog and run my way through the mud again this year!

Auggie P.

We have been to two Big Muddy Challenges.  We went to Belvedere Plantation in June and Ashland Berry Farm in August.  We are a very active family.  We run together in a lot of races.  I have been sad at the number of times I couldn’t bring my little girl with me on races that involved mud or obstacles.  I understand that most obstacle races need to have an age limit for safety resons.  BMC was the first mud run where kids can run, too.  Kay had so much fun!  I’m glad that we finally found a messy run that we can do together!  We look forward to participating again next year!  BTW, her favorite race shirt is the BMC finisher shirt.  She has told all her friends about what an awesome event it was.  We are so happy that you all made a mud run where families can run together!

Christine D.

We have done three BMCs and it is a great way for my family to have fun together.  When else do you have a chance to forget about life and roll around in the mud? Thanks for organizing this great race!

Ronnie T.

My daughter and I had an awesome time at BMC.  We’ll definitely be back in the spring!

Andy S.

My 7 year-old keeps asking when your coming back to do another one here.  Truly awesome time!  I pushed her into puddles, she splashed me in the pond.  We did mud angels.  A really great daddy/daughter day.  So… when are you coming back!

Kim W.

My son and I did / completed the Big Muddy Challenge in Richmond, VA in August.  We had a great time & You guys did awesome!  We can’t wait for next year to run again.  Thank you for the great time and the great memories.

Lisa L.

Mud, fun and memories all in one.  We love the Big Muddy Challenge!